Top Tech Companies Are In “Fast Company”

Fast Company has published its list of businesses which they consider to be the most innovative. Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google are considered to be the best “transformational firms,” and are obsessions of the business world…” All four jostled for FastCompany’s No. 1 title–with Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet, Apple’s Siri voice assistant, Facebook’s Timeline interface, and Google’s reinvention of YouTube as a niche-programming powerhouse. The winner: Apple. Apple has consistently been in the driver’s seat, causing rivals to compete in market space it created and, in some cases, to lose money on hardware or software just to remain relevant in the marketplace.

Of course, tech company’s are not the only and best innovators. One can look at companies that gave been successful in reinventing themselves – IBM as a service provider versus a hardware manufacturer, for example. Those that succeed are able, not only to innovate in the product space, but in the market space as well. Additionally, they are able to develop or transform business models to properly address the above.

Apple’s track record, of late, may not put it into fast company, but at the top of the heap, in the least.

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