Still the Apple of my “i”

Apple’s iPhone 5 announcement, yesterday, revealed nothing that hadn’t already been known about the product for some time. The ability to keep this product’s features a secret was relatively nonexistent. This said, Apple’s stock rose  more than 2% today to an all-time high of $682.98. Major securities analysts are predicting Apple shares will hit $,1000 as early as 2013. Reasons cited include the yet to be introduced iPad Mini, a phone distribution deal with China and the oft talked about Apple TV.   The iPhone 5, even without any ultra-WOW features, is  predicted to be a hit with consumers. The software and services ecosystem that Apple has built for its phones and other devices is a major driver of this predicted success. iOS 6 will contain more than 200 new features. The App Store, iTunes, and iCloud make the package complete. Apple is already the most valuable company, in terms of market capitalization, ever. At $1000 per share, the company is, definitely, the “Apple of my ‘i’,” as well as that of all of its investors.

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