Microsoft KIN is Dead, But Next of KIN Remains Alive

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the discontinuance of its, much touted, foray, into the Smartphone market.  The KIN had its own social networking software and Microsoft’s Zune digital music player.  The problem:  Facebook and iTunes.  Another problem was the inability to download apps onto the phone.

Microsoft was late to the internet and has just stumbled with its effort to move into lifestyle computing with the KIN phone.  Microsoft Windows Phone 7 is the company’s next hope for the mobile market. 

Microsoft currently holds about 9% of the Mobile OS market.  However, its market share is only half of the iPhone OS market share and is expected to lag further and further behind Apple.  The Android OS is also expected to eclipse the Microsoft Mobile OS.  Some developers expect Microsoft Mobile OS 7 to be used mostly for custom hand-held device applications.

Thus, “next of KIN” remains alive, but is not expected to revolutionize the Smartphone industry.

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