Strategic Enterprise Consulting Group

Decisive Differentiation in a Competitive Marketplace

The Strategic Enterprise Consulting Group assists clients, both large and small, to reduce structural cost, increase net profits, and distinguish themselves in the marketplace. SECG works with key stakeholders to address their business and social challenges by application of the following:

  • Best Practices
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    Business Transformation and related organizational behavior, Enterprise Content Management, IT Architecture, Lifecycle Cost Management for Products, & Technology Rollouts.

  • Business Analytics
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    Econometrics, Statistical and Quantitative Analysis, Predictive Modeling, Web Analytics, Solution Selling, Customer Experience Management, and Customer Relations Management.

  • Decision Sciences
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    Bayesian Inference, Behavioral Decision Theory, Decision Making Under Uncertainty, Negotiation and Auction Analysis, Choice Theory, Risk Management, and Forecasting.

  • Quality Assurance
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    Lean Manufacturing - Efficiency based on maintaining value with less work. Six Sigma - Improving quality of outputs and minimizing variability in manufacturing and business processes.

  • Sales Strategies
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    Increasing revenue with fewer resources: Solution Selling, Customer Experience Management (CEM), Customer Relations Management (CRM), and pricing strategies.

  • Strategic Managment
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    Goals — identify opportunities & threats, Strategy, Strategic Intent, Competitive Strategy Formulation, Threat Evaluation, Positioning, Environment — identification of variables that affect the firm.

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