Differentiation in a Competitive MarketplaceSECG assists clients, both large and small, to reduce structural costs, increase net profits, and gain competitive advantage in the marketplace.

We work with key stakeholders to address their business and social challenges by application of a comprehensive portfolio of practices, techniques, and technologies.


Best Practices

Business Transformation and related organizational behavior, Enterprise Content Management, IT Architecture, Lifecycle Cost Management for Products, & Technology Rollouts.

Business Analytics

Econometrics, Statistical and Quantitative Analysis, Predictive Modeling, Web Analytics, Solution Selling, Customer Experience Management, and Customer Relations Management.

Decision & Data Sciences

Bayesian Inference, Behavioral Decision Theory, Decision Making Under Uncertainty, Negotiation and Auction Analysis, Choice Theory, Risk Management, and Forecasting.

Quality & Lean Six Sigma

Lean Manufacturing – Efficiency based on maintaining value with less work. Six Sigma – Improving quality of outputs and minimizing variability in manufacturing and business processes.

Sales & Pricing Strategies

Increasing revenue with fewer resources: Solution Selling, Customer Experience Management (CEM), Customer Relations Management (CRM), and pricing strategies.

Innovation & Strategy

Goals — identify opportunities & threats, Strategy, Strategic Intent, Competitive Strategy Formulation, Threat Evaluation, Positioning, Environment — identification of variables that affect the firm.


Our core team has 120 years of collective experience across more than two dozen industries.  Our clients range in size from SMB to Fortune 50 companies.  We are able to tailor our methodologies to assist our clients to, not only, address current challenges, but also to anticipate changes and disruption in the marketplace and innovate ahead of it.

As SECG researches and monitors trends and innovations, new methodologies are developed to address these realities.  Our research allows us to quantify, early on, the short-term and long-term impact of these trends and innovations on our customers’ bottom line, on their industries, and on the global market place.  Then, we build quantifiable business cases for appending these to the customer’s business model.


We assist our customers to effectively address crucial and, sometimes, distressing business challenges. We build upon short-term solutions for our customers, which establish business stability and integrity, then we help them to establish a trajectory of innovation and growth.

We have experience in almost every industry from Aerospace to Warehousing and Storage.  For a complete list of all the industries in which we have worked, click here.

Our services are as varied as the companies we serve. We have created business and marketing plans, valued businesses, defined exit strategies, created supply chain strategies, optimized pricing, generated financial models, and written proposal requests for customers. As well, we have performed research, written white papers, and created digital marketing strategies. We have, also, operated manufacturing facilities, developed and overseen lean six sigma projects, managed property portfolios, created organizational behavior and human resource standards, and, even, produced a show in the New York Musical Theater Festival. For a complete list of services, click here.


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